2022.3.22-24, Online

Global 6G Conference

Global 6G Conference

The Global 6G Conference will once again gather 6G technology research forces from all countries around the world to have in-depth discussions focused on 6G user cases and requirements, network architecture, wireless transmission technology, integrated space-air-ground network, and others. The Conference will show the innovative ideas and latest achievements of 6G technology R&D in an all-round way, continuously build a bridge for global S&T cooperation and collaborative innovation, give relevant suggestions on accelerating 6G R&D, promote the cultivation of globally consistent 6G concepts, and drive the co-creating of a good environment for global 6G development, thereby contributing to the establishment of globally unified 6G standards and the sustainable development of the information and communications industry.






Important Spakers

Invite more than 100 heavyweight honored guest speakers at home and abroad to discuss the development and vision of 6G technology.


WU Hequan

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of FuTURE FORUM

YOU Xiaohu

Professor at SEU, Secretary General of FuTURE FORUM

Sherman Shen

Professor at the University of Waterloo, Foreign Academician of CAE, and Chairman of IEEE ComSoc

NIU Zhisheng

Professor at THU


Chief Expert of China Telecom, Fellow at Nokia Bell Labs, IEEE Fellow

Chih-Lin I

Chief Scientist of China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI), Chairman of the 5G/6G SIG Working Group of FuTURE FORUM, IEEE Fellow

Khaled Ben Letaief

Professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Member of NAE


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